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Indulge in your sweet tooth with the Cream Caramel feminized strain. This tasty indica-dominant hybrid is highly sought-after due to its mouthwatering aromas and generous yields. Cream Caramel feminized has won multiple awards in 15 years, including 1st place prizes in the Copa Catalunya ?08 Grows and Oiartzun Cup ?07.

Cream Caramel feminized seeds are a genetic cocktail of indica cultivars Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino. The result of this impressive lineage is a 90% indica hybrid, providing sweeping body relaxations and uplifting, refreshing cerebral highs.

The cannabis plants take on a typical indica bushy appearance as they grow, with dense forest-green leaves displaying purple tints in the late flowering stage. Cream Caramel feminized buds exhibit orange hues with long, slender amber-colored trichomes. The resin-drenched flowers emit sweet scents of exotic fruit drizzled in candied caramel, making you drool in anticipation of harvest.

Cream Caramel feminized cannabis plants grow to modest heights of 3ft and adapt well to low-stress training cultivating techniques.

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