Cinderella99 x Tangilope Feminized Seeds


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You want to get blazed but you still have lots of things to do. You go with the responsible choice…dreaming all the while about sinking into your couch later that night. It?s not perfect, but that’s life, right?

Not with the Cinderella99 x Tangilope strain! Its THC content of 16 to 20% keeps both your mind and body humming without going overboard. A few tokes of this strain won’t just help you work?you’ll be whistling while doing it, too!

This strain is a cross between Cinderella99 and Tangilope?two of the sprightlier sativa-dominant hybrids out there. This delicious cultivar is well-balanced, giving you an uplifting, happy buzz with a relaxed body stone that never gets in the way of your day-to-day tasks.

Cinderella99 x Tangilope is a beautiful strain. It has orange-colored hairs around the light-green buds like a ball gown on a fairy tale princess. It smells the part, too: sweet and fruity at the outset, with woodsy, citrus, and hash notes to close things out.

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