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If you haven?t tried Cinderella99 x Somango, you?re missing out. This fusion combines the most attractive features of each and produces sought-after offspring. Cinderella99 is known for its refreshing head high, and Somango gives the strain a fruity and skunky flavor.

Cinderella99 x Somango is a hybrid, with 16 to 20% THC and 0.3% CBD. When you consume it, the cannabis takes you on a rollercoaster. At first, you?re punched with the sativa side and the high THC, making you energized, productive, and clear-minded. The indica and CBD creep in later, leaving you relaxed but not sleepy.

Growing Cinderella99 x Somango feminized seeds are great for beginners because they grow into plants that are small, sturdy, and thrive in most locations. The plant only grows to 3 feet. Forest green leaves mature with thick, heavy, trichome-coated buds all over. The skunky fragrance can overwhelm indoor grow rooms but leaves your mouth watering.

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