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Cinderella 99 unfolds as a true cannabis fairy tale, chronicling the journey of a singular Jack Herer strain – an orphan with an unidentified father sourced from an Amsterdam coffeeshop. The narrative takes a captivating turn with the fateful and extraordinary union of this strain with the pedigreed Princess strain.

Renowned among both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers, the illustrious and award-winning Jack Herer strain requires little introduction. On the other hand, Princess, the lesser-known counterpart, holds her own significance. Revered industry legend Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm recognized the potential in this premium strain, dedicating endless care and attention to refining her. Following three generations of back-crossing, Princess was ready for her perfect match.

The convergence of these exceptional and potent parent strains hinged on impeccable timing. The resulting Cinderella 99, affectionately known as Cindy within her devoted fanbase (or C99, in select cannabis circles), has emerged as one of the most coveted Sativas and high THC strains in the cannabis market.

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