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Chronic Widow is a potent hybrid that alters the perception with an immense burst of refreshing coupled with substantial body effects. It is an Indica leaning hybrid that apart from the profound physical high, is also a beginner-friendly strain for home cultivation.

The feminized seeds of Chronic Widow contain the genetics of two highly touted strains – White Widow and Chronic.

One of the all-time most popular strains, White Widow delivers a refreshing high and balances it with deep body relaxation. It boasts of massive resin production – sticky, frosty white crystals hence its name. For home growers, it is also an often-recommended starter due to the relative ease of cultivation, vigorous growth, and remarkable production of buds. These are traits passed on to Chronic Widow as well.

Chronic, on the other hand, significantly altered the genotype to lean on the Indica side courtesy of the Northern Lights lineage. The two other strains used in its creation were AK-47 and Skunk #1.

Convenience is in store for prospective growers as Chronic Widow comes as female seeds. One benefit, too, is that it has practically no tendency to turn into a hermaphrodite and thus allow a degree of tolerance to stress. These seeds are easy to pop. Moreover, having been produced from highly-stabilized mother plants of exceptional quality, its reliability ranks among the best in the industry.

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