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Chocolope x Kush feminized is a cross between Choco Candy and the legendary OG Kush. It results from experiments at Holland DNA Genetics. A tiny puff sends you high into the sky while easing body tension.

Chocolope x Kush is sativa dominant, producing heavy, sticky buds with sweet aromas of Kush and hashish. The strain has 15?20 % THC and 2% CBD. The refreshing effects give you an uplifting mood; you feel like swimming through fluffy clouds of bliss.

When the high gets low, you descend into a state of utter relaxation with a tension-free feeling. Its relaxing properties have been reported to treat ailments as far-ranging as stress, insomnia, negativity, stress, and reality.

Although the ganja is sativa-leaning, it’s possible to confuse it with an indica. It’s a medium-sized plant with huge visible colas, a low leaf-to-bud ratio, and orange hairs wrapped around the emerald nugs. The ganja grows to a height of 1?4 ft, making it ideal for indoor planting.

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