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Inhale the delightful fruity aromas as you break apart the buds cultivated from feminized Cheeky Banana seeds. Recognized for its well-balanced hybrid genetics, exquisite taste, and elevated THC levels, this strain is a valuable addition to your cannabis collection.

A must-have in your ganja inventory, Cheeky Banana offers effects that are no laughing matter, except for the bouts of giggles it induces post-consumption. This strain is beginner-friendly and easy to cultivate, with a robust lineage that combines OG Kush and the Banana strain. Growing into plants with 22?33% THC levels, average CBD content at 0?1%, and an even mix of sativa and indica genetics.

The buds, small, tight, and pebble-shaped, display a forest green hue with dark leaves and vibrant orange hairs adorned with crystal trichomes. Cheeky Banana delivers potent relaxing and refreshing-inducing effects, ensuring a giggly experience. Immerse yourself in the fruity banana flavors upon inhalation, accompanied by a citrus and cinnamon aftertaste.

Cheeky Banana earned the prestigious third place in the Hybrid category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015.

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