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Chemdawg has birthed some of the most notable strains in the industry, including the illustrious OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Backed by 15-20% THC, this powerhouse hall-of-fame worthy hybrid is well-capable of delivering a devastating body stone.

Obscured by vagueness, its lineage nonetheless can be traced back to the Sativa landraces in Nepal and Thailand. For growers, this fact alone offers an insight into its performance in the grow room. Indigenous varieties are sturdy, robust, and vigorous. These desired qualities are further improved through generations of inbreeding.

As the name alludes to, this is the fourth of the phenotypes of the original Chemdawg. Compared to the mother, it leans much more to the Indica side. Thus, its effects are deeply body-centered, and it takes time to manifest. In moderate dosage, it renders one lazy, contented, and profoundly relaxed. Moreover, it is excellent at relieving stress and appeasing realitys.

We provide Chemdawg #4 as feminized seeds. A closer inspection reveals that this variety builds upon the stability of its lineage. Not only is it suitable for experienced cultivators, but also beginners. One reason is that it is less finicky and does not demand more than the usual time it takes to nurture and maintain. Physically, it is a small-to-medium sized plant that has an impressive bag appeal – purplish hues amidst specks of sugary white crystals. Lastly, it could produce anywhere from 450-850 grams – a remarkable harvest by all standards.

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