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It?s no secret that different cannabis cultivars offer a range of tantalizing flavors and fragrances. But nothing comes close to leaving a mark on your memory like the buds from Cheese autoflower seeds.

This sacred strain is described as an indica-dominant hybrid and can relax the busiest of minds. Fans of this cheddar-infused treat have relayed on its calming qualities since the 80s, making it a true classic in our autoflower category.

The mere mention of auto Cheese seeds and their mesmerizing flowers is enough to put a smile on anyone who’s come across them. These incredible buds have the ability to silence stress within moments and promise an evening of deep relaxation.

The original version of these cannabis seeds is a phenotype of none other than Skunk #1. Breeders then combined this iconic hybrid with another auto strain to create the celebrated Cheese autoflower seeds available today.

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