CBD Feminized Tangie (1:15) Seeds


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Talk about a perfect blend between California Orange and Skunk, and you have CBD Tangie. This hybrid was bred by crossing a CBD-rich plant with a Tangie phenotype. The result is a refreshing strain that provides both an uplifting and refreshing feeling and deep body relaxation. Its energetic and mood-boosting buzz is ideal for combating stress and negative thoughts.

The Amsterdam coffee shops have a testimony on this strain’s refreshing effects. It later conquered other cannabis havens and has now become a household name. The flavor profile is a delicious mix of orange, tangerine, and skunk with a hint of earthiness.

With its low THC levels and high CBD content, this strain is ideal for those who need the benefits of cannabis without the refreshing effects. It?s also an excellent choice for users who want to avoid the “high” associated with THC.

CBD Tangie is an eye-catching strain featuring light green tones covered with orange pistils. The buds are tightly packed to provide a generous yield and spattered with trichomes. This bushy plant grows to about 4?5 feet. Its open structure is ideal for maximizing light exposure.

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