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Some stoners love an intense THC high, while others prefer a mellower balanced one. If you?re the second one, you?ll love CBD Kush. THC and CBD have equal parts, creating mental clarity, an uplifted mood, and relaxation. Breeders blended the flavorful Kandy Kush with a CBD dominant variant to create a balanced hybrid.

Growing CBD Kush feminized seeds are great for beginners. The crop takes the structure of an indica; short, sturdy, and compact foliage. It matures to 3?4 feet tall, producing neon green buds with burnt orange pistils and a coating of thick crystal resin.

It?s a mild high when you consume CBD Kush. You feel refreshing and happy without any intense psychedelic effects. This strain is a fantastic option for THC lightweights or new to smoking cannabis. You?ll feel relaxed without a worry in the world.

CBD Kush has a potent scent of skunky sweetness, similar to overripe fruit. There are undertones of earthy pine, diesel, and citrus. CBD Kush was created by merging balanced hybrid Kandy Kush and an unknown indica dominant strain with a high cannabidiol (CBD) consignment. CBD Kush x CBD Kush effectively doubles up on the CBD, elevating it to impressive levels.

This cultivar is a typically short, indica-dominant plant that is excellent for indoor growth. Growers need to perform some practiced horticulture with this strain, so we don?t recommend beginners attempt it. Plants grow to about a meter tall, and the lime-green buds with faintly orange pistils may be surprisingly pungent.

A delicious cultivar with the smell of citrus is a likely nod to Kandy Kush. CBD Kush x CBD Kush owns a sweet and earthy flavor, with floral scents on the exhale.

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