CBD Feminized Harlequin (CBD: 9% THC: 0,6%) Seeds


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CBD Harlequin is a triple threat that guarantees a wonderfully relaxed experience. The famous Harlequin strain was bred with Sour Tsunami and crossed with Kimbo Kush. What resulted was a finely balanced indica-dominant hybrid that keeps you at peace for hours.

Growing CBD Harlequin is a joyful experience. The plant grows to a medium average height, with bushy, sturdy leaves. It?s pleasing to the eyes, producing beautifully dense foliage and sparkling orange-red buds. Breaking open one of its nugs will flood your senses with a heavenly blend of citrus flavors.

CBD Harlequin is feminized, so cast away your worries about pesky male plants. Growing the plant requires extra effort in training, trimming, and preventive measures against mold and pests. Treat it well, and it rewards you handsomely.

Named after the classic lore entertainers, CBD Harlequin is a colorful beauty that keeps you entertained and invigorated. It?s dressed just like those clowns, sparkling and captivating in both appearance and effects.

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