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Cheese XXL is a favorite among high-tolerance stoners, much loved for its refreshing punch and intense perfume. Its potency levels kept it from low-tolerance stoners and gentle high-seekers, though. Breeders came to meet this new demand, crossing this cultivar with an autoflowering high-CBD strain. Autoflower CBD Cheese seeds were born, delivering a toned-down take on the original qualities.

These non-photoperiod beauties go through the entire seed-to-harvest period in nine weeks. Although sativa-dominant, crops rarely stretch past 2.5 feet in height. Nutrients go towards bushy foliage and numerous bud sites. Their Christmas-tree structure is almost yellow in appearance, shimmering with trichomes.

Sativa traits are more prominent in flavor and effect profiles. Buds ooze scents of citrus and cheese sweetness. The cannabinoid contents put wellbeing first and don?t leave you soaring in the grips of a high. The buzz is uplifting for the brain and soft on the body, getting you focused and happy to engage in low-effort tasks.

These autoflowering plants produce generous yields, especially in indoor setups. They let you replenish your stash of therapeutic cannabis in half the normal time.

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