California Orange x Skunk Feminized Seeds


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Combining two legendary strains like California Orange and Skunk #1 sounds like an amazing idea?we can tell you that it is. That mix of sunny citrus and stinky skunk makes for an irresistible ganja that keeps you coming back for more.

California Orange x Skunk feminized seeds produce a sativa dominant plant, and it?s those effects that hit first. A rush to the head wipes away any cloudiness of thought or brain fog, followed by a focus that is sharp enough to cut through most workloads.

Thanks to the predominantly sativa genetics, plants grown from California Orange x Skunk feminized seeds are typically slimmer and taller, reaching up to 6ft. When the plant is fully flowering, the bright orange pistils are amazing to see and compliment the thick coating of trichomes nicely.

Nowadays, it?s easy to be overwhelmed by so many different choices and options, but choosing feminized seeds means almost zero chance of finding males in your crop

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