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Take a break to appreciate the beauty of the world with Bubba?s Gift feminized ganja and its breath-taking effects. Despite its indica-dominance, this cultivar takes you on a refreshing ride while keeping you calm and firmly grounded. This strain pairs well with non-strenuous activities or evening sessions with a partner.

Feminized Bubba?s Gift seeds come from blending two prestigious cannabis strains. Breeders combined the aptly named God?s Gift with Bubba Kush, a cultivar known for its tranquilizing qualities. As a result, these buds contain high levels of THC and a mixture of their parent?s best traits.

Seeing Bubba?s Gift feminized plants will stun your senses. A thick canopy of green leaves opens up to dazzling purple buds with orange hairs. These dense nugs then feature a resinous coat of trichomes. On the nose, this strain produces a fruity fragrance that transforms into a spicy fuel flavor on your tongue.

Cultivators have plenty to get excited about as Bubba?s Gift feminized seeds are among the highest yielding strains available. Plants grow up to three feet, choosing to branch out laterally instead.

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