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Bruce Banner feminized fast seeds produce sativa-dominant cannabis plants with high levels of THC. This popular strain is a cross between Bruce Banner (OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel) and an unknown hybrid. The latter is responsible for the quick-flowering traits of Bruce Banner feminized fast crops.

These buds deliver powerful yet balanced effects that are ideal for daytime use. A few tokes result in waves of refreshing, creativity, focus, and relaxation. Apart from these exhilarating sensations, Bruce Banner is also easy on the eyes. It displays plump green nugs, amber hairs, and a generous coating of frosted trichomes.

These plants reach heights of around six feet and emit potent fragrances. Up close, Bruce Banner feminized fast buds smell sweet and earthy with hints of diesel. The Strawberry Diesel lineage adds a fruity aroma to the mix, while its OG Kush parent provides a zest of pine.

Bruce Banner feminized fast seeds are more suited to experienced growers. These crops are fragile and stress easily, which means that beginner mistakes can reduce quality and yield size. Buy your batch of Bruce Banner feminized fast seeds and produce your own potent and high-yielding cannabis crops.

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