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So you?ve never heard of Bruce Banner 2.0 feminized? Get ready to match the Hulk?s more timid alter-ego with this THC-heavy strain. It?ll leave you feeling deeply relaxed and get your creative juices flowing or spark some deep and meaningful thoughts. If the Hulk could smoke this sativa dominant ganja, he would feel more productive, relaxed, and less angry.

Bruce Banner 2.0 fem seeds are an interbreed of Strawberry Diesel and Bruce Banner. These magical green colored plants grow to 51?59 inches tall and boast bright orange pistils. The buds emit a sweet and sour, fruity aroma but when broken they release a scent of diesel.

This strain preserves all the beneficial features of its forefathers. It gives you a formidable hit and highly stimulates your artistry. It contains up to 30% THC and 0.8% CBD, it helps relax and lifts your mood, giving you an overall sense of well-being.

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