Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower Seeds


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If yin and yang were a cannabis cultivar, Blueberry x Big Devil autoflower seeds would be it. Light and dark forces come together, creating the balanced high of this hybrid strain. Blueberry and Big Devil mixed with rudelaris genes make it a force to be reckoned with.

Reaching up to 5 feet, this cultivar goes higher than most of its autoflower counterparts?but don?t cower away. Blueberry X Big Devil auto seeds are simple to care for but best suited for growers with some experience as autoflowers don?t forgive easily.

Blueberry X Big Devil is like a smokable stand-up comedian because, after a few tokes, you?ll be laughing your head off. Relaxing, uplifting effects make it a perfect strain for socializing or a cozy night in.

Exotic incense notes lather your tastebuds in layers of complex fruity yet skunky notes pumping happy juice through your veins. These cannabis seeds grow into devilishly handsome plants seducing you with their big buds and generous yields.

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