Blueberry x Big Bud Autoflower Seeds


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Blueberry x Big Bud autoflower combines two of the world?s most celebrated cannabis cultivars. It?s a balanced hybrid of epic proportions, guaranteeing a full-on ride on both ends of the spectrum. Expect a skyrocketing cerebral high before coming down into a long, deep body stone that never seems to end.

Blueberry brings its juicy flavors and fruity aromas to the table, while Big Bud provides you with colossal yields. While many strains lose some of the parent?s characteristics along the way, Blueberry x Big Bud autoflower is proud of its heritage and boasts the best of both sides of the family.

This cultivar is ideal for stealth growers and those who like to keep their hobby on the lowdown. Blueberry x Big Bud autoflower only grows to a couple of feet tall. If you feel like giving this strain a go as a beginner, be warned?if you make a mistake, you won?t have time to fix it, thanks to the autoflower tendencies.

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