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Blueberry regular seeds are responsible for producing some of the tastiest cannabis you?ll ever have the pleasure of smoking. This indica dominant cultivar comes equipped with high levels of THC, capable of wrapping you in a comforting blanket of relaxation. You?ll also experience a stimulating refreshing, giving you the drive to complete tasks with additional creative flair.

To create these award-winning cannabis seeds, breeders combined two incredible landrace strains: Afghani and Thai. The former cultivar influences most of the Blueberry regular strain?s calming characteristics. At the same time, the latter is responsible for the mild sativa qualities and beautiful bud coloration.

Coming into contact with these nugs is a true treat for the senses. Female cannabis plants produce green and purple flowers, with orange hairs and a thick amber trichome frosting. These buds then emit a sweet fruity aroma as they mature and taste like sweet blueberries as you light them up.

Crops don?t grow tall, reaching a maximum height of 3.25 feet, making them perfect for cultivators with limited space. You can look forward to high yields, provided you remove those pesky male plants early.

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