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The Blue OG feminized strain is an American favorite, especially among tokers from the West Coast. This award-winning hybrid has achieved worldwide recognition on the 420 stage thanks to its succulent aromas and generous yields. Veteran and beginner ganja users can?t get enough of the initial energetic sativa buzz, leisurely followed by a sedating indica body stone.

It?s no surprise Blue OG feminized seeds boast a strong heritage. They?re the miracle result from a three-way cross between Blueberry F3, Blue Moonshine, and the legendary OG Kush. It contains 60% indica and 40% sativa, although the pendulum sometimes swings more toward indica.

These bushy-framed ganja plants produce dark cone-shaped buds jutting out among their vivid-green, broad foliage. The leaves display beautiful streaks of purple hues when exposed to cool nighttime temperatures. Blue OG feminized flowers emit subtle yet delicious fragrances of blueberries and citrus fruits, wafting through the air in the late flowering stage.

These indica-dominant crops reach heights of 3?5ft?short and ideal for stealth growing.

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