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There?s nothing better to top off a long and tiring day than indulging in Blue Fruit autoflower. This strain induces deep relaxation to melt away all your stress and any tension. Breeders crossbred Blue Fruit regular with a ruderalis cultivar to form this fast-growing and calming variant.

With a name like Blue Fruit autoflower, it?s no surprise it envelops your senses in aromas of sweet berries and similarly seductive flavors. This strain may tempt you in for more than you handle, but keep your doses moderate. The 16% THC can be too much for newbies or those with low tolerance levels.

Blue Fruit autoflower seeds provide many advantages to experienced growers as an auto cultivar. They develop quickly and provide the opportunity to harvest multiple times in the same year. The three feet stature means you can plant them in small spaces or keep your hobby under wraps if needed.

Blue Fruit?s parent, Purple Mexican, means foliage and colas turn deep plum when exposed to cooler temperatures?if that doesn?t scream ultimate bag appeal, we don?t know what does.

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