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Planning an evening of winding down and letting loose? With Blue Cheese, one can achieve that in the sweetest and most luscious way. Relaxing with a dessert-like cannabis is just as incredible as it sounds. Experience an explosion of flavors as the smoke washes away apprehensions. Even a starless night becomes brighter when a toker is basking in an overjoyed mood.

To also delight growers, an autoflowering variant of the sought-after strain was introduced. By crossing the auto versions of Blueberry and Cheese, the speedy maturing, non-photoperiod Blue Cheese was finally born. With its autoflower Homegrown Cannabis seeds, cultivators need not wait long for harvest.

What’s more, the lucky growers get to reap the best of both parents. The new breed has the first parent’s ability to relax while coating the tongue with the taste of berries. At the same time, it can joyfully tease the nostrils with the latter’s pungent earthy aroma. Fast-growing, relaxing, refreshing, and pleasing to the senses. Is there anything this Indica-heavy herb cannot offer?

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