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If you?re scouring the market for a delicious and potent cannabis strain that offers a well-balanced experience, look no further than Blue Amnesia autoflower. Blueberry and Amnesia?two legendary cultivars?joined forces with a ruderalis to create this carefully blended variant.

The two-sided effects of Blue Amnesia autoflower are thanks to its rich heritage. Amnesia passed down its refreshing cerebral sensations, while Blueberry provided the deeply relaxing body feelings. This strain is top of the pops in offering the best of both worlds.

Growing Blue Amnesia autoflower seeds is a wonderful experience if you have some cannabis cultivation knowledge. The plants grow to three feet at the most and are ideal for small stealth grows. The crops develop quickly, meaning more harvests per season. Looking after your plants is effortless, as they ask for simple maintenance on your part. Beginners beware, though; the short growing period means it doesn?t forgive rookie errors.

Come harvest time, expect to wrap your hands around some fruity, candy-like nugs, and enjoy the double effects from this delightful variant.

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