Blackberry Kush Feminized Seeds


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A sweet strain, one that comes with a pedigree and showcases exceptional traits, always have a high value in the community. Blackberry Kush is one that has gained quite a reputation because of possessing the right characteristics – a sweet fragrance to go along with a gentle buzz before a full body stone.

Although the exact origin is vague, there is a consensus that it is a descendant of the highly acclaimed Blackberry paired with an Afghani. For sure, many of the traits exhibited are reminiscent of the Hindu Kush varieties. An 80% Indica boasting of 20% THC, the sedating body buzz it delivers is one that could melt away reality while putting one in complete relaxation.

It is not a complicated plant to cultivate at all. Moreover, our feminized seeds not only have a high germination rate but also reduces the chances of males showing up to almost nil. It thrives outdoors, indoors, and in a greenhouse. With a quick flowering time, it does not take long to chop down a generous amount of buds.

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