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Black Jack autoflower is a delightfully diverse hybrid, delivering several sought-after qualities for a unique high. Its ruderalis genetics make it easy to grow, and this feminized variant eliminates the stresses of male plants. Being an auto, it has a quick seed-to-harvest time of 42–49 days, with no need to adjust its photoperiod.

Black Jack autoflower contains a blend of iconic characteristics from its parents, Jack Herer and Black Domina. You get an intense cerebral experience from its Jack Herer side, with the Black Domina side balancing you out with soothing effects throughout your body.

Black Jack autoflower is sativa-dominant and grows into an attractive plant with sparkling orange, purple, and green buds. Break it open, and it’ll flood your senses with intense pine, skunk, and incense fragrances. The plant grows up to 35 inches and rewards you with decent yields.

When you smoke Black Jack autoflower, it treats you with pleasant blueberry and pine flavors. It has everything you’d want in a cannabis strain. Experience the wonderful qualities of Black Jack autoflower seeds by ordering from BRAND. Their top-shelf quality seeds are guaranteed to give you a growing experience you’ll enjoy.

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