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Nothing prepares you for the elegance and strength of the Black Domina feminized cannabis strain. This indica-dominant hybrid uses its potent THC percentage to send you on a refreshing journey coupled with an intense couch-lock. It’s best to keep these buds for late evenings as it tends to leave you pining for your bed.

Feminized Black Domina seeds come from blending four unique parent strains together. Breeders mixed Afghani with Northern lights, Ortega, and Hash Plant. Each one of these indica-heavy strains adds something new to the pot, including quicker flowering, high THC, and large yields.

These gorgeous flowers keep to their seductive namesake by displaying dark green and purple hues with bright orange hairs. They then feature a thick white trichome frosting that sparkles in the light. These buds give off a sweet fruit and bitter earth fragrance and flavor that dances on your tongue, followed by a peppery aftertaste.

Despite its almost exclusive indica roots, these cannabis plants can reach between 5?8 feet tall. You?ll need to train your crops if you intend on growing indoors, along with regular pruning.

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