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Black Demon OG feminized is an indica powerhouse with a 17?20% THC content. This cannabis plant was once considered one of the rarest ganja strains on earth. The rapidly evolving growing techniques and the preservation efforts of gardeners worldwide have made the cultivar widely available everywhere.

Breeders create Black Demon OG feminized by mixing OG Kush and Black Domina. Both of these strains are known for having strong genetics and a powerful presence of scents and flavors. The resulting buds produce a solid green shine thanks to thick layers of trichomes and resin.

The ganja from Black Demon OG feminized seeds has fruity terpenes and a naturally sweet flavor reminiscent of citric fruits. Your garden is easy to care for, with the strain?s short-stacked plants growing no larger than three feet high with even lateral branching.

A couple of tokes from Black Demon OG feminized ganja is enough to achieve the ultimate relaxing experience. With the choice of 100% feminized seeds, you don’t have to worry about picking male buds.

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