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Biscotti autoflower is an up-and-coming cannabis strain with indica-dominant genetics. It?s easy to grow and provides relaxing and calming effects from the first toke.

The calming effects of Biscotti autoflower allow you to relax and unwind. The strain makes you feel tingly throughout your body. It also delivers a cerebral buzz.

Some tokers experience an overwhelming urge to laugh after consuming Biscotti. The munchies are also a common effect, so keep some of your favorite snacks on hand.

The high THC levels might treat the symptoms of various mental disorders. These include negativity, stress, and stress. Biscotti could also ease chronic reality and insomnia.

Biscotti is perfect for those who have a hankering for something sugary and sweet. It?s akin to a delicious biscotti dessert. It truly lives up to its name. The sweetness of this strain is the icing on the cake. It also features spicy, nutty, and fruity hints with an earthy quality.

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