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Better the Big Devil you know, and with this slightly sativa leaning, double-award winning cultivar, you can’t go wrong. This strain produces larger than average yields, making it immensely popular amongst cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators.

While this cultivar’s exact heritage remains a mystery, rumor has it that Jack Herer is one of Big Devil’s parental strains. Boasting 15?21% THC levels, you can rest assured that this hybrid sends you on a soaring cerebral flight for hours on end.

Big Devil auto, growing between three and five feet tall, is an exceptionally well-balanced, non-photoperiod cultivar. This cannabis, pairing a skyrocketing cerebral high with deep, long-lasting physical relaxation, combines the best of both worlds.

Ideal for cultivators that wish to avoid changing light cycles, Big Devil is a divine gift that produces yields as high as 12.5 oz./plant when grown outdoors. A potent batch of this cannabis leaves you immobile and completely couch-locked with an active mind, plenty to say, and a smile on your face.

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