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Big Bud feminized fast seeds produce a special variant of the legendarily productive Big Bud. Breeders crossed Big Bud with an undisclosed autoflowering cultivar, creating a swift-growing strain with mega yields. This 1989 Cannabis Cup winner was developed by crossing three iconic strains. Afghani, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1 come together to produce a heavily indica dominant ganja.

These cannabis seeds produce the same classic Big Bud but with an accelerated growth period. As Big Bud blooms, its energy mainly focuses on flower production, resulting in plants resembling one big bud. Central stems develop huge lemon-lime-colored apical colas with sparse fan leaves. These plants grow to just under five feet high and flower in six to eight weeks.

Big Bud exudes a bold earthy aroma with strong notes of fruit and hints of spices. The fragrant flowers induce a gentle refreshing high. Calming effects from its indica side soon follow, yet the sedative qualities of Big Bud never overwhelm or result in couch-lock.

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