Banana Runtz Fem



The creation of Banana Runtz seeds involves innovative breeding techniques. This unique cultivar brings together the qualities of Banana OG and Runtz, presenting a delightful array of cannabis flavors directly to your grinder. Additionally, it proves to be a delightful experience both in the cultivation process and during consumption.Banana Runtz seeds are exceptional hybrids renowned for their potent flavor and impactful effects, combining taste, potency, and cultivation simplicity seamlessly.

The distinct taste profile of Banana Runtz is a standout feature, encompassing a rare combination of spicy, citrus, floral, earthy, and tropical notes. This strain’s calming and refreshing effects cater to both recreational and medicinal preferences.

Home growers are in for a delightful experience with Banana Runtz. The plants boast beautiful dark green leaves and densely packed, resinous colas. The use of feminized seeds adds to the cultivation convenience, ensuring each plant is guaranteed to be female.


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