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There are numerous varieties to choose from for a taste of the tropics. One of the most compelling ones is the Banana Kush – an Indica-dominant hybrid that boasts of bold flavors.

It is a premium strain that traces back to Ghost OG, a powerhouse cut of OG Kush. Not only did Banana Kush take after the citrusy scent of the U.S. West Coast legend, but it also inherited the ability to produce an insane amount of resins. As expected, the body-centered high can be intense. More importantly, it proved to be an effective reality reliever.

Crossing Ghost OG with Skunk Haze resulted in a fascinating twist. A legend itself, this strain added a psychotropic appeal to complement the body sedating high with a refreshing rush. Furthermore, it also contributed to the exotic fragrance that could only heighten the overall Banana Kush experience.

Chunky, aromatic buds that brings utter bliss and that is to be expected after growing this strain from feminized seeds. A testament to its high-quality is the high germination rate and virtually no loss in traits compared to the original mother plant.

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