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There’s nothing more challenging than trying to explain the benefits of specific strains with words. It becomes nearly daunting when we talk about Banana Kush autoflower. If there’s one cannabis strain that tastes as advertised in its name, this is it.

Banana Kush autoflower isn’t shy about its lineage. The strain is the result of combining pure cannabis royalty with OG Kush, Banana, White Widow, and an undisclosed ruderalis thrown in the mix. We get medium-sized plants over 3.5 feet high, bearing the gift of heavy, compact nugs. These buds shine with bright green colors and yellow and orange pistils.

Growing Banana Kush autoflower takes a little more effort than other strains since this variant has a short lifecycle, meaning there’s no room for error. The experience is rewarding with the fantastic fruity flavor of these nugs. The frantic, uplifting effect evolving into a deep state of relaxation is a wonderful touch.

By choosing Banana Kush autoflower, you get feminized plants, so there’s no need to worry about pollination. This strain is the perfect choice to hone your skills with autoflower seeds.

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