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With a name like Badazz x Rolex feminized, you?re likely expecting potent ganja to flaunt and brag with energy. The truth is this amazing indica hybrid goes for a quieter approach while hitting you full-on with a high THC content. The strain is the lovechild of Badazz OG Kush and Rolex OG Kush, and it?s capable of unlocking your mind like nothing else.

Badazz x Rolex feminized seeds give you the chance to grow an all-female crop. The resulting nugs are a shiny emerald green highlighted with vivid orange pistils. The sparkling, thick layers of trichomes give these buds a pleasant glow truly enjoyable to look at.

The ganja from Badazz x Rolex feminized has an intense presence. Your senses are overloaded with strong creamy flavors resembling soft butter spiced with natural undertones. If left to their own devices, these plants grow as tall as four feet high, and they?re easy to care for.

You can choose to grow them in secluded spaces if you don?t have much room available. A blissful high is something worth looking forward to when you grow Badass x Rolex feminized seeds.

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