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Aurora Indica, a cross between Afghani and Northern Lights with a dominant 90% indica and 10% sativa composition, derives its robust structure and therapeutic effects from its Afghani parent. The Northern Lights genetics contribute remarkable stickiness, sweet fragrances, and a cerebral lift.

Embraced by both medical and recreational users, this distinctive strain induces mental tranquility and a complete body sedation, making it ideal for relaxation rather than accomplishing tasks.

The strain’s appeal is heightened by its impressive bag appeal, featuring dense, sizable buds coated in crystal resin. These buds exude a golden hue and a sweet aroma with floral and fruity notes over an earthy undertone.

Cultivating this variety is straightforward, especially with our feminized seeds, ensuring an uncomplicated cultivation process. With an all-female garden, the risk of pest damage, plant diseases, or unwanted male plants pollinating the colas is minimized.

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