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Apple Fritter seeds produce some of the most robust cannabis flowers on Earth. This high-yielding strain boasts a stunning flavor profile reminiscent of freshly baked treats and green apples.

Born from a union of two American heavyweights, the hard-hitting indica-dominant parents combine to produce an incredibly balanced cultivar.

Apple Fritter feminized seeds are a hybrid of powerhouse American cannabis genetics. These buds balance sativa and indica attributes for long-lasting effects. Born from Animal Cookies and Sour Apple, this strain develops productive plants with high THC buds.

These feminized cannabis seeds produce female offspring in 99% of cases, which makes navigating the cannabis life cycle more straightforward. There?s a lower risk of cross-pollination, meaning you get more buds.

Apple Fritter seeds grow into plants with generous yields of fragrant and potent nugs in a relatively rapid flowering phase. The crusted buds shimmer with trichomes that contain a growing list of cannabinoids.

While CBD levels are low, THC readings are stratospheric. In 2017, High Times named Apple Fritter as one of the strongest strains on Earth.

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