Apple Fritter Autoflower Seeds


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Apple Fritter autoflower seeds produce potent and delicious buds that smokers enjoy. The beginner-friendly strain delivers high yields with minimal care.

Apple Fritter autoflower seeds come from Sour Apple, Animal Cookies, and a ruderalis. The indica-dominant hybrid produces buds with 20?24% THC, packing a punch for smokers. The strain earned the reputation of one of the most potent strains from High Times in 2017.

Caryophyllene adds a spicy aroma and flavor to the sweet and fruity nugs. It also contributes to the potent THC effects. Anecdotal stories indicate potential medical benefits for tokers.

Apple Fritter auto seeds are beginner-friendly. They thrive in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation setups. Plants don?t grow taller than four feet. Controlling light schedules is unnecessary, as flowering begins when the crops mature.

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