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It?s time to get your groove on with Amnesia Lemon regular ganja. The calming yet creative effect you get to experience with a single toke of this cannabis is worth the effort you put into your setup. This sativa powered strain offers an uplifting effect able to wash away any negative thought cursing through your head.

Cultivators obtained Amnesia Lemon regular seeds by mixing Amnesia Haze with Lemon Skunk. Both hybrids contain a strong lineage of landrace strains in their own parentage, making this cultivar a star. The resulting ganja has prominent THC levels and low CBD content, calling for some tolerance build-up before trying it.

Amnesia Lemon grows regular-sized plants no larger than three feet high. This sturdy cultivar develops incredibly well in soil and offers darkened green buds covered with solid orange pistils. The visual fest gets even more vivid with the thick layers of sugar frost trichomes covering these nugs.

The strong hypnotizing presence of Amnesia Lemon regular takes after its skunk genes, with strong citric undertones consuming your senses. You can expect a hefty yield if you take good care of your plants.

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