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If you?re looking for a strain from iconic genetics, the herb from Amnesia Kush feminized seeds is the way to go. Its parent strains are OG Kush and Amnesia Haze, which creates a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Amnesia Kush?s feminized seeds? harvests can potentially contain 15% to 20% THC and less than 2% CBD. You?re sent to a place of refreshing with a burst of energy, creativity, and focus.

Growing Amnesia Kush feminized seeds is straightforward, but you need a tall grow room, as the plant can reach about 10 feet when given space. You can tame the height with pruning techniques or the Screen of Green method. The crop grows skinny with long green leaves and buds with small yellow pistils.

The scent of the herb is attractive with wild citrus from the OG Kush. There?s a Haze touch with an earthy spice undertone. Your tastebuds light up when you consume Amnesia Kush strain.

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