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Amnesia autoflower is a sativa-dominant strain resulting from a cross between two perennial parents, Amnesia and Ruderalis. It’s a legendary cannabis strain that flowers automatically and has the sought-after characteristics of the parents. A few puffs guarantee uplifting effects, which fuel the mind for an intense cerebral refreshing without making things too fuzzy.

Tokers adore the incredibly sweet, fruity, and spicy flavor mimicking the earthy smell of a hastily constructed shack in the woods. Amnesia autoflower features spectacular bushes, olive green nugs, and foxtail-shaped leaves with snow-white trichome-covered colas, which distinguish it from the rest. You’ll notice the strain from far thanks to the dark and dense amber hairs.

The seeds grow indoors and outdoors to a height of two to five feet, with high yields at every harvest. It’s easy to grow but requires attention throughout the growing period. As such, beginners can experience a hard time attending to the plants.

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