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Upgrade your high-tech gadgets with Alien Technology regular seeds. This indica-dominant strain is rare in dispensaries across Green states as its popularity soars on the 420 stage. Unlock the secrets of the universe with Alien Technology regular and discover uplifting realms and refreshing, colorful nebulas from the comfort of your couch.

This extra-terrestrial indica hybrid is one of the most mysterious and intriguing strains in the cannabis universe. We don?t know much about this secretive variant, except it?s an unknown Afghani landrace brought back to the US by a soldier serving in Afghanistan.

Alien Technology regular plants take on a typical indica bushy frame with broad green leaves as they grow. Female crops produce dense clusters of fluffy buds glistening in shiny trichomes, jutting out among the thick foliage. Alien Technology male plants start displaying pollen sacs in the pre-flowering stage. Pungent, spicy herbal aromas orbit the vibrant green buds, becoming stronger with age.

These cannabis plants reach manageable heights of 2?4ft, making it easy to conceal your secret project from extra-terrestrial hunters.

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