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The Alien Technology feminized strain is one of the rarest cultivars on the market. It?s known to trigger a long-lasting body stone, filling you with joy and relaxation. These potent buds are perfect for social gatherings as they help conversations flow effortlessly. Just remember to bring your pillow because you?ll want to hit the sack at the end of your celestial journey.

This indica cultivar is a unique phenotype of the classic Afghani landrace. It?s said a soldier brought the original Alien Technology seeds back to the US, where breeders managed to stabilize their genetics. As a result, you don?t have to worry about any males and the headaches caused by cross-pollination.

These feminized cannabis plants are a sight to behold. You?ll see dense, emerald buds with burnt orange hairs emerge from the thick canopy. As these nugs mature, they?re enveloped by a sticky, white trichome frosting. The flowers then release a powerful, earthy fragrance and flavor with traces of vanilla and incense.

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