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AK-59 seeds, often mistaken for AK-47 seeds, yield a potent hybrid strain. While its exact lineage remains unknown, breeders speculate it originated from a mix of Columbian, Mexican, Afghan, and Thai landrace strains, with some suggesting the involvement of Lowryder as a parent cultivar.

The buds of AK-59 boast a delightful aroma and an even more appealing taste, characterized by a unique sweet and spicy undertone that captivates smokers. The effects of this strain are tranquil and creative, delivering bursts of refreshing and energy.

With AK-59, there’s no need to fret about adjusting the lighting cycle, as these non-photoperiod plants undergo automatic flowering. By maintaining optimal conditions throughout their growth, cultivators can expect generous yields at harvest time while ensuring a stress-free environment for the plants.

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