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Ever since the Skunk family pioneered the top-quality hybrids in the industry, its offshoots came to be appreciated for potency as well as the ease of cultivation in a variety of environments. To that end, Super Skunk exemplifies such qualities and delivers more to the table with its exceptional balance between relaxing and revitalizing effects.

The hybrid is rooted from Skunk #1, to which it got its dynamic and high-yielding growth characteristics. It is one of the fore-founding members of the Skunk heritage and has laid the genetics for the majority of seeds today.

It was backcrossed with an Afghani landrace as its acclimation to harsh conditions is a highly sought-after trait and so is its high production of flowers and resin.

The result is Super Skunk, an easy to manage strain with an exceptionally long-lasting high. Not only is it ideal for unseasoned growers, but the low maintenance, combined with its short flowering time allows the plant to perform well in various temperamental environments.

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