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Afghan Kush is a high-yielding pure indica cultivar. This sturdy, all-natural strain originated in the Hindu Kush mountains, where its highly resinous flowers have been used for centuries to make hash. This iconic cultivar has since made its way worldwide and contributed its desirable genetic properties to countless hybrids.

Afghan Kush seeds sprout into fairly short, stout plants that reach around 3?4.5 feet. Dense, lime-green buds dotted with orange pistils burst from every node, creating colas that look ready to burst. A thick coating of THC-filled trichomes smothers the buds as they approach harvest.

Cured flowers radiate the signature earthy aroma of Afghan Kush. Incense, pine, and flower notes mingle, creating an unforgettable bouquet. Smoking the dense, aromatic flowers steamrolls users with its sedative properties alongside a grin-inducing sense of refreshing. The near-narcotic qualities of Afghan Kush mean you should save this one for evening or nighttime.

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