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Over the years, even as breeders and collectors seek out the best and the rarest strains in all corners of the world, the same holds true for connoisseurs. Amongst the different classifications, none could top the purity offered by heirloom strains such as landraces – one of which is the Afghan. With thousands of years to stabilize, its overall traits are the pinnacle of quality.

The king of the Hindu Kush mountains is the Afghan strain – an enduring variety that did not merely survive but thrives in the harsh climate. It is the quintessential landrace Indica that has been used in spawning literally hundreds, if not thousands, of hybrids. Its physically relaxing and reality-relieving qualities are beyond reproach.

As a plant, it is incredibly resilient and tolerant of mistakes that might occur under unskilled hands. Already a relatively fast-growing strain, it is also favored by many commercial growers and breeders. For convenience, we are offering feminized seeds to take away the concern of males appearing and accidentally pollinating the females and thereby ruining the production of highly potent buds.

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