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Containing landrace genetics from the Middle East, Afghan autoflower is an iconic, indica-heavy cultivar and one of the most celebrated and important strains of all time. With 15–17% THC content, this cannabis is ideal for an evening of indulgent relaxation.

Afghan auto can knock out most consumers, and it’s the example to which cultivators compare all other indica variants. Afghan auto has an earthy, floral fragrance capable of quickly filling an entire room. Although this scent is a testament to the cultivar’s sensual, relaxing effects, it also makes this strain a challenge to grow covertly. However, It’s a no-fuss, straightforward strain ideal for first-time cultivators.

As the auto-flowering variant of this legendary strain, Afghan auto produces slightly lower yields in exchange for significantly reduced cultivation times. Created by crossing the epic Afghan strain with Lowryder (ruderalis genetics), Afghan autoflower seeds quickly develop into short, sturdy plants around 3–5 feet tall. As one of the top resin-producing specimens, this hybrid is ideal for concentrate and extract production.

Do you wish to embark on a Middle Eastern odyssey? Buckle up because Afghan autoflower seeds to take you on a mystical cerebral journey of epic proportions.

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