Acapulco Gold Autoflower Seeds


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Acapulco Gold auto seeds deliver a potent sativa-heavy cultivar with delicious buds. This strain is perfect for beginners, as plants produce high yields with minimal care. Auto Acapulco Gold seeds, as the name suggests, originated in Mexico. This sativa-dominant hybrid results from crossing the original cultivar with a ruderalis. It has 1?5% CBD and a high 15?20% THC content.

Acapulco Gold auto seeds produce heavy-hitting buds with a high 15?20% THC content. The strain takes consumers on a ride that lasts 2?3 hours. The nugs uplift, energize and motivate. Creative juices flow, enabling you to indulge in mentally stimulating activities. Feel happy to participate in fun conversations. Life takes an exciting turn for the better.

As the cerebral buzz subsides, you feel your body relax. Rest assured that mobility is possible, enabling you to go about your routine. Anecdotal stories suggest the strain relieves stress, stress, and negativity. Consumers report seeing life in a positive light. People with chronic fatigue feel energized, and many may find reality relief. The food craving effect might benefit people with appetite loss.

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