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Roll out the red carpet and bow humbly to 3 Kings feminized, a sativa-dominant strain with an impressive heritage. Aspiring artists and budding musicians will bask in the creative effects, and workaholics can expect to see their productivity increase tenfold. This variant also clears the foggiest of minds, allowing you to see clearly and focus on your task at hand.

Heavy is the hand that wears the crown, and the subjects rejoiced in glee when 3 Kings feminized graced the 420 stage. Headband, Sour Diesel, and Kush are the powerful, proud rulers of this prestigious strain.

3 Kings feminized is a beautiful plant when it flowers. Its greyish-green buds glisten with lightly dusted resin from its slender fingered leaves, and it brightens any noble courtyard. Aromas of sour citrus and fuel emit from the flowers, and it tastes as wonderfully complex as it smells.

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